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3.4 oz


The Juicy Couture girl finds herself at the center of her own fairytale. Each fragrance tells a new story inspired by the rich surroundings of her infinite imagination. A magical key to journey through a new place and time. Royal Rose is a sumptuous fragrance that evokes a mystical world of romance and enchantment that stirs the senses and the spirit. The velvet floralcy of rose centifolia and a touch of voluptuous heliotrope brings a multifaceted richness to the fragrance. Notes of incense, suede and creamy musk shroud the scent, creating a luxurious sense of depth and lasting comfort.

  • Top notes: Rose centifolia, Helitrope
  • Heart notes: Incense, Suede
  • Base notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Creamy mus

Juicy Couture Royal Rose Perfume

SKU: 2020-00001-00006-00001
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