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Writers-In-Residence Program

Join our Scribe Tribe family at give yourself the dedicated space you deserve to develop your expression.

For more information, call 480-734-8770.


WHAT:  Casa de la Rosa is a writers enclave located, where we offer 30 day or more personal retreats for up to 3 people at a time for writers to develop their creative works.


  • Private bedroom and writing space provided

  • Serene outdoor work spaces:  Agave Courtyard, Orange Blossom Patio, and Hummingbird Deck

  • Extensive Writer Resource Library & access to Private Collection of Easton Press Signed Modern Classics

  • Access to Cottonwood complex amenities, pool, tennis court, and walking paths

  • Access to Casa Grande, home of proprietor with private pool.  Less than one-half mile  walk

  • Full kitchen & outdoor barbeque available for use

  • Close proximity to restaurants, literary events, arts and entertainment, university and college resource, and natural 

  • Daily meditations

WHO:  Aspiring and accomplished writers to explore, create, advance, and refine their works. 



  • The Casa de la Rosa experience is designed to cater to women, but we are not exclusionary and all are welcomed to apply. 

  • All writer residents are required to be active members of the Casa de la Rosa Writing Center Club for all guests at Casa de la Rosa are bonded by a common purpose committed to developing their expression. 

    • Current members may apply for the Writer-In-Resident program at no costs. 

    • Non-members can apply for the Writer-In-Resident program for a non-refundable $50 application fee and honorary membership will be granted upon acceptance and deposit paid.


WHEN:  Casa de la Rosa is available to Writers-in-Residence year-round. 



  • A minimum of 30 days stay is required, but Residents are allowed to come and go for personal or group excursions within their committed stay period. 

  • Residents are allowed to stay up to a maximum of six months. 

  • We encourage Residents to stay for a full forty days and forty nights.  We call this offering the Moses Plan, which will also allow three rotations of our thirteen day concentration rotations.

  • We also offer  a Heat of the Night discount for any stays book in the summer months of June, July or August.

WHERE:  Residents will work at Casa de la Rosa, an artistic townhome surrounded a desert garden paradise in the historic Cottonwoods community in Tempe, Arizona.


  • Designed by renowned urban architect Adolf DeRoy Mark. Casa de la Rosa is located in Tempe, Arizona--a university town nestled in the east valley of the greater Phoenix metroplex.  Retreat to the Valley of the Sun to sweat the words out of your soul.


  • Step 1: Apply here

    • Specifiy desired dates (30 days minimum required)

    • Select preferred room & price

  • Step 2:  After application approved, a Security Background Check Required

  • Step 3:  Book Residency!

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