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Hello and Welcome.

My name is Becky Owens and I am the sole proprietor of Casa de la Rosa Writing Center.  Casa de la Rosa is also the name of my home and my dream, where you can be a Writer-in-Residence.


In the spirit of  mi casa es su casa, I invite you to this writer's paradise to dedicate your efforts and energy on your writing goals.  I carefully crafted every element of Casa de la Rosa to be a writer's sanctuary, where you can commit to bring your aspirations to life.  At Casa de la Rosa, you will find solitude to concentrate on your project, as well as, community for feedback, inspiration, and a shared experience. We offer private bedrooms with writing desks, in addition to an interior courtyard, an outdoor garden patio, and a second story hummingbird deck.  The house has an extensive reference library and group work areas. For a sneak peek watch my video of tour of

Casa de la Rosa here.


Casa de la Rosa Writing Center also offers other experiences to enhance your writing, including online classes, workshops, retreats, coaching, collaborations, book publishing and promotion resources. 


The Journey Continues but the Book Must En

My inspiration for creating Casa de la Rosa Writing Center came from an amazing  thirty day writing retreat I attended in Bali, Indonesia with thirty other extraordinary women.  The environment fostered good production on our creative works & we forged great life-long bonds.  My wish is to create a community of creatives at affordable prices that respects your autonomy while supporting you with community..

Meanwhile, I concurrently created a methodology to support bringing my own books across the finish line, including The Bridge to the Other Side, Post PTSD, and

The Five C's to Caring

My Purpose & Commitment

My purpose is to contribute to the art of Expression.  

My commitment is to helping others develop their best voice.


Gallery of Me, Friends, Family, and Pups

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