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"What's in a name?  That which we call a rose.  By any other name would smell as sweet." - W. Shakespeare
Also many other poets and writers have dedicated verses to these superb flowers that have always adorned and embellished the gardens and homes of mankind.  Awe-inspiring petals, thorny stems, and warm delicate hues are the embodiment of the archaic fascination of the rose, the true essence of which, remains forever evanescent.
The master of still life photography, Fabio Petroni, also dedicated himself to roses and their infinite expressions, trying to capture through his lens the facets and details that make this flower so unique and a symbol of love and graciousness.  Suggestive images clad in elegant and refined graphics, along with marvellous close-ups and in-depth information of the history and variety of the roses photographed, make this volume where the rose is the absolute protagonist, a compendium in which the pages and petals seem to merge.


About the Author

Fabio Petroni was born in Corinaldo (Ancona, Italy) in 1964, and currently lives and works in Milan.  After taking up photography, he worked with the top professionals of the sector.  His professional career path led him to specialize in portraits and still life, fields in which he distinguished himself for his intuitive and meticulous style.  Over the years he has photographed leading celebrities in the fields of Italian culture, medicine and economics.  He works with main advertising agencies and has authored numerous campaigns for prestigious, internationally renowed companies and firms.  He personally handles the photographic publications of some important Italian trademarks.  For White Star, he published "Horses.  Master Portraits" (2010), "Mutt's Life!" (2011), "Cocktails" (2012), and "Supercats!" (2012).
Natalia Fedeli, born in Milan in 1959, took up studies in Psychology.  In the publishing sector for twenty-seven years, she has achieved important projects for some leading Italian Publishing companies such as Mursia, Electa-Mondadori and Giorgio Mondadori Editorial.  Her cultural background, personal interests and experience have always revolved around her love for nature and all that is beautiful, two aspects she is also involved in professionally.  In fact, he works for "Gardenia," the first Italian monthly magazine for plants, flowers and green lifestyles, nad editing the section on floral decorations, florists, flower designers and artists/craftsmen engaged in the world of greenery.


Product Details

Publisher:VMB Publishers
Publication date:11/08/2012
Sales rank:184,863
Product dimensions:10.22(w) x 13.52(h) x 0.99(d)

Book: Roses by Natalia Fedeli, Fabio Petroni (Photographer)

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