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Values, Rules & Expectations

Yes, we have values that we promote and there are expectations for participation and rules for writers in residence program. Read these and see if they align with who you choose to be.


  1. We value people and their unique perspective.

  2. We value expression.  Everyone has a story to tell.  We strive to develop and refine our expression--written or otherwise.

  3. We participate with a Spirit of Responsibility.  There is no one more responsible for you than you.  accountability

  4. resiliency

  5. Spirit of Growth

  6. We participate with a Spirit of Autonomy. We treat others with respect and dignity.

  7. creativity

  8. lksjdf

  9. perspective and paradox

EXPECTATIONS for how we engage with others

  1. write

  2. We engage others with maturity.

  3. Everyone has a story to tell.

RULES for Writers In Residence Program

  1. We treat Casa de la Rosa as a shared sacred environment, respecting the people and property.

  2. No outside guests are allowed. Period. Absolutely no honey hook-ups. I have no moral judgment on anyone's physical, emotional, or social needs and desires. However, Casa de la Rosa is not the place to fulfill those desires. If you need a muse or a rendezvous, you are free to get your needs met at the hotel down the street.  Bringing outsiders into the sacred space changes the house dynamics and can be a distraction for others as well as compromise a sense of safety

  3. Smoking and drug use are not allowed inside Casa de la Rosa nor the complex grounds.  Any such activities must be done outside of the Cottonwoods complex..

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