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The one thing you should know is that Casa de la Rosa is built with love.  Primary contributors to Casa de la Rosa–from the original developer, to the architect, to the current proprietor–all hold a central belief that nature and art are essential to our living. We hope the spirit flows to all the souls who are blessed to reside here.

Casa de la Rosa - The Place  is a custom crafted serene space designed to foster your creative writing process.  Casa de la Rosa is a refuge where your thoughts and feelings transform to words on a page.

Casa de la Rosa houses our Writer in Residence program, where people can dedicate a substantial block of time dedicated to their work.  A minimum of thirty days stay is required. Three private bedrooms with individual writing spaces are available.  In addition, five shared common area spaces are also available - providing you with a variety of inspired work spaces. 

Casa de la Rosa is the private residence of the proprietor, Becky Owens, who purchased an individual townhouse in the Cottonwoods of Tempe complex (68 total units) in 2013.  She lived here for the next six years where she did substantial personal work on her own expression and developed these creative processes.

Design Features:

Cottonwoods of Tempe complex

The Cottonwoods of Tempe development was designed by Adolf deRoy Mark, a reknowned architect.  He stated, "People should be inspired by their living spaces... good architecture is sculpture."

The grounds where the northest corner of the Packard Ranch.  Burdette A. Packard (1847-1935) was an influential person in the western development of Arizona.  In the 1980s, the Cottonwoods complex was developed by Dorothea--a heiress to the property--who was committed to create this special place preserving vegetation to provide clean air and cool temperatures, which include citrus trees, herbs to gather, and a koi pond.

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All homes where designed with unique interior features, large windows for natural light, free-form fireplaces, built-in niches, glass-brick showers, and occuli (window eyes) which were placed to cast different sun patterns on the walls.

Adolf deRoy Mark is a reknowned post-modern architect who designed several urban.....

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